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The Yoga of Relationships Course, Berlin

Start off the new year with a recommitment to your relationship. This four-week course is based on Helena’s popular teleconference interviews and her work coaching couples

This program does NOT include yoga postures. Yoga is known mainly as a physical discipline, but one can practice the philosophies of yoga without ever doing yoga poses. (So bring your non-yoga-doing partner if you may!)
— In this course we will:​
  • Cultivate greater self-awareness
  • Explore how to transform relationship dynamics
  • Gain tools for effective, compassionate communication
  • Recognize "triggers" and learn how to avoid them
  • Learn how to recruit listening to get more of your needs met
  • Gain tools to resolve conflicts peacefully

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# Registration price is for two people
Seminar courses run based on prepaid registrations. This course is non-refundable or transferable

What to Bring ?

There is no yoga asana practice in this event. We will be sitting in chairs, so dress casual. Bring one notebook/journal and pen for each person.
The Yoga of Relationships Course, Berlin
Dates :  January 2nd, 9th,16th & 23rd
Venue : Peoples Church
Time :   01:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Ticket :  £11.25
This is a communication skill building course, not group therapy. Sharing intimate details of your relationship with the group is not required. Private sessions are available for folks who may want personal support.
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9950 N State St #38,
Markleville, IN, 46056
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