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Mama, teacher, author, speaker, and Presidential Diamond leader with doTERRA, Helena has taught yoga since 1999. Her first book, The Heart of Yoga, has been ranked number one in design on Amazon, and has now been translated into six languages. Helena's second book, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, now being incorporated into teaching curricula worldwide for all ages.

Her Yoga Practice Program is beloved for adding analog creativity to online coursework, and her third book, Better Apart, is poised to bring elegance and integrity to the process of separation and divorce. Elena has contributed to Yoga Journal, Yoga International, Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Well and Good NYC, Positively Positive, and more.
5-Minute Breathing Meditation
A basic meditation that focuses on following the breath to cultivate mindful awareness, by Helena

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A Special Method Of Yoga Developed By Helena
The Dynamic Yoga Training Method is a complete yoga training methodology, integrating body, mind and spirit. Based directly on the intelligent nature of the body, its unique simplicity and power recalibrate body and mind through repetetive systematic movements based on traditional yoga postures. These movements have been chosen for their ability to integrate all the muscles of the body. Their use as a preparation for deep stillness transforms body and mind towards harmony with spirit, by allowing the intelligence of mind to be guided by the intelligence of the body into the intelligence of consciousness.

Dynamic Yoga is taught in yoga classes, yoga workshops, yoga immersions, yoga retreats and yoga teacher trainings throughout the world. The complete training methodology is available annually at her class.

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As social beings, we derive wisdom and wellness from interaction. I have a network of global instructors coveted for their constant innovation and enduring expertise on a range of practices.
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